Speaking in Symbols

Learning the language of the subconcious

About Me

If I’m going to write a blog about symbolism, and their interpretation in my life, I suppose I better start by introducing myself.

I am Corianne. I live in Utah. I have had depression for the vast majority of my life. I have recently started seeing a depth psychologist, and have found the Jungian approach to be the most helpful to me.

As part of my therapy, I take note of the symbols that come in to my head, usually through dreams, or images that come to mind at random times. I take these symbols, draw them in a sketch book, then set out to explain them. The explanations come from my own experiences and intuition, as well as more universal or cultural explanations.

I do not intend this blog to be a dream log (because there is NOTHING more boring than listening to someone else’s dream), nor do I intend it to be an encyclopedia of symbolism.  I intend this blog to be a reflection on the symbols my mind deems to be important. If I can offer some explanation to someone else along their path, then all the better.


One thought on “About Me

  1. I went to a Jungian about 20 years ago and found it quite powerful. A number of life events happened after that resulted in several long bouts of depression. About a year ago, I was reminded of a powerful traumatic experience that made me feel powerless–a near drowning. So I went to a therapist who did EMDR, with a light bar, that is designed to build new brain waves and neural paths while remembering old trauma. If you discover a trauma in your past that might be implicated in the depression, this is a great therapy which I have found powerful. There are forms you can do on yourself and I found a related therapy called EFT as well. All the best as you work through this. You are not alone. ps. thanks for following my blog.

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